Monolithic Reactor


The monolithic reactor reengineers thermochemical reaction containment. The design represents new flow-through chemistry possibilities that capitalize on nascent, additive manufacturing capabilities for production of a single-piece multifunction, integrated device within an otherwise-impossible-to-produce, ultra-compact footprint. The unique design reengineers tubular reaction containment into a fast, safe, scalable, and highly heat efficient option that can open a whole new approach to many forms of flow-through thermochemical processes. Additive manufacturing is very fast, effectively equating to mass production that dramatically cuts labor costs. This reactor enables nimble scalability that be done affordably, competitively, and sustainably.

The Market:  Pulp and waste water treatment, power boiler and heat exchanger manufacturing.


Patent Information:
Energy and Power
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Melissa Mccumby
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Jonathan Kamler
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