Novel Synthesis of Sphingosine Analogues as Potential Drug Candidates


UAF researchers have developed an invention relating to the synthesis of stereochemical framework that is fundemental to the structure of sphingosines. The method is unique and is applicable in the production of a wide variety of sphingosine analogues, molecules that have potential in the treatment of cancer. Sphingosines can inhibit the rapid increase of cancer cells and it can further transform to SP1 (sphingosine-1-phosphate), which promotes cancer development. This invention relates to the ability to stereoselectively synthesize sphingosine analogues that can potentially perturb the sphingosine - S1P rheostat, resulting in the ability to inhibit cancer growth.The basic advantage of this invention is the improved quantity ratio of desired sphingosines during the separation process. The ratio claimed of the desired sphingosine is about 98%, which means only 2% undesired product comes out, which could easily be eliminated by further process.The advantage for end users is the targeted affection on cancer cells. Targeting offers the potential to provide increased selectivity for tumor cells and thereby improve the treatment of many solid tumors.

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Melissa Mccumby
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Tom Green
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