Cryotube Vial Design


Cryogenic vials are designed for long-term storage of biological material at ultra-low temperatures and

are used by museums, research labs, and other facilities to archive samples in perpetuity. Currently, cryovials are offered

in a limited range of volumes and dimensions. As more samples are cryogenically preserved, more space is needed to

accommodate these fixed-volume cryovials.


To address this problem, UAF researchers have designed an interlocking small-volume cryovial that doubles the amount of

storage space for genomic samples archived at the UA Museum of the North.

At the same diameter as standard 1.8mL commercial cryovials but half the height, twice as many cryovials can be housed in

a standard freezer box. Retaining the current diameter of 12 mm for the vial allows for easier handling and filling compared

to thinner, space-saving cryovials currently on the market.


These small-volume cryovials interlock vertically for secure, easy storage in—and removal from—standard freezer boxes

that house 1.8mL cryovials. They can also be intermingled with 1.8mL cryovials within the same freezer box, allowing the

user to dictate the storage volume needed to maximize available space in their current infrastructure without having to

invest in different boxes and racks.

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