Hunt for Brain Regions Involved in Season Dependent A1AR Agonist-Induced Torpor


Dr. Kelly Drew’s laboratory at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has developed a novel pharmacological adjunct for inducing therapeutic hypothermia that circumvents the problematic side effect

of shivering to help medical professionals mitigate neurological damage in conscious patients following cerebral ischemia. The novel method calls for the activation of adenosine A1 receptors (A1ARs) in the central nervous system combined with peripheral blocking of A1ARs. This approach allows decreases body temperature to a desired target temperature, e.g., 32-34˚C without shivering or other cardiovascular side effects. The formulation is in the process of being patented. Further studies are being conducted in rats to show that the induced nonshivering hypothermia is neuroprotective in a stroke model. Support is needed for more basic research and to take the formulation to clinical trials.

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