Discrete Element Method for Simulation of Granular Media Mechanics (DEM)


The advantage of the discrete element method (DEM) model is its novel/advanced algorithms and data structures, it's ability to run on parallel computing machines, scripting capability and documentation. It also encompasses more realistic grain shapes and physical interactions between grains. The program can be run on a range of computer platforms from laptops to supercomputers. It can be applied to a wide range of different physical problems that involve granular material. Commercial application of the software includes physical study of granular materials (soils, regolith, snow, powders etc.) and its interaction with different mechanisms, the mechanisms design, study of crack formation and many other topics. The generality of the software allows it to be applied to many other fields. Specific commercial fields of use include machine design for machines that interact with granular materials (e.g., excavators, vehicles, hopper flow, heap pile stability, pharmaceutical product manufacturing and other commercial design, manufacturing and operating situations).



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Melissa McCumby
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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